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Miles and Amelia Smith re-joined in

Year 8 and 7 respectively, having returned

from the United States. Eléna Beech, Lucas

Booth, Justice Miller and Alice Vyvyan-

Robinson joined Year 7. James Gardener

and Olivia Vyvyan-Robinson started in Year

6. In Year 5 we welcomed Olly Beech, Oliver

Cameron, Inès Johnstone (sister of Dorothy)

and Atticus Priddey-Chan. Joining Year 4:

Angus Buckley, Mimi Moseley (sister of

Max), Oliver Plumstead, Edward Russell

and Sebastian Woodford (brother of Max).

31 children moved from Pre-Prep into Year 3

and the following children joined them:

Willow Amin (sister of Daisy and Poppy),

Robin Brockbank, Saffron Day, Ellie Hanbury

(sister of Ned and Rosa), Shelby Horton,

Annabel Knight (sister of Max), Nate

Knowles, William Lloyd (brother of Peyton),

Evie Page, Chloe Salsbury-Lawson, Freddie

Smith and Arthur and Bert Souter.


Starting in Year 2: Jamie Buckley,

Zoe Cameron, Sean Clare, Benedict Powell-

Turner (brother of Meredith), Isabella Ritchie

(sister of Carmen), Ollie Smith and George

Webb-Carter (brother of Poppy). Joining

Year 1: Jaya Deans, Lowenna Hewitt-

Boorman, Olive Jevons, Thomas King,

Freddie Lane, Finty Page, Charlotte

Ramage, Isla Russell, Harry Simpson and

Olivia Wells. New children starting in

Reception: Tom Barot, Max de Trafford, Kira

Deans, Philip Jevons, Jessica Ramage,

Lettie Snowden and Aarvin Thati. 15 new

children started in Nursery: Isaiah Barnes,

Gabriel Barot, Matilda Berlanger (sister of

George), Edward Buckley, Bethany

Chandler, Lilia Greenwood (sister of

Rosalie), Rory Hall (brother of Felix), Rocco

Kidson-Trigg, William Lane, Rose Marshall,

James Sargeant, Emilia and Otto Simpson,

Peggie Smith, and Oscar Sturgiss (brother

of Charlie).


Nate Knowles, Arshiya Roy and Connie

Vincent-Hill left us to go to new schools.



Yasha Malikov (brother of Luca) and Kiki

Wolcough (sister of Sasha) joined Year 5.

Ellen Bankes started in Year 4 and Hamish

Donkin from Australia joined Year 3. Joshua

Hammond (brother of Jessamine), Elijah

Mason, Gus and Zak Penney, Vicente

Rocha (brother of Joao Filipe) and Aanvik

Thati (brother of Aarvin) started in Nursery.


Justice Miller returned to the United States.



Millie Thompson joined Year 7, Harry Day

(brother of Saffron) started in Year 6 and we

welcomed Marnie Davies in Year 5. Starting

in Year 3: Clara Davies, Harvey Hughes and

Casper Ormerod. Sam Moseley (brother of

Max and Mimi) joined Year 2, Phoebe

Hughes started in Year 1 and we welcomed

Clemmie Davies in Reception. 3 new

children started in Nursery: Arthur Downe,

Thomas Kench and Bella Sykes.


Our Year 8 leavers went on to 20 different

schools. Henry Fitzpatrick, Tom Gardener,

Alex Hankinson, Gregor Hawkes and Henry

Woods all left us to go to Abingdon. Emily

Conner, Rose Dillon, Flo Fletcher, Ned

Hanbury, Ed Hartley, Sebbie Kimber, and

Alex and Will Taylor all joined other Old

Pinewoodians at Cheltenham College.

Mackenzie Colsell, Jonathan Cowie and

Henry Scrimshaw-Wright have gone

Cokethorpe, Madeleiene Banfield to

Bradfield and Billy Tulloch to Malvern.

Joshua Basham, Immy Mason and Emily

Stephens have all started at Dean Close.

Harry Fuller and William Pembroke both

went to Millfield, Oscar Wray to Milton

Abbey, Miles Smith to Old Swinford Hospital

School and Tom Pritchard to Radley. Max

Moseley and Max Owen went to Dauntsey’s,

Max Fraser and Gus Whitehead started at

Sherborne and Olivia Redman at Sherborne

Girls. Charlotte Hannon and Olivia Lawson

left us to go to St Helen & St Katharine.

Meredith Powell-Turner went to Shrewsbury,

both Cosmo Del Mar and William Mann to

St Edward’s Oxford, and Alexander Ross

started at Stowe. Claudia Campbell, Kitty

Graham, Dorothy Johnstone, Imo Koe,

Henry Pritchard and Emma Sharp have

joined other Old Pinewoodians at

Marlborough. Kieran Goldston returned to

Australia, Charlie Robinson went to

Strathallan and Alfred Beadman has started

at Winchester.

Arabella Robinson left from Year 7 to join her

brother at Strathallan. Leaving from Year 6:

Amy Bloomer went to Farmor’s, Megan

Cowie to the Royal High, Bath, Constance

Donald to St Helen & St Katharine, Jessica

Jarvis to Oxford High, Lily Robinson to

Faringdon, Anahita Roy to St John’s and

Bella Owen joined her brother at Dauntsey’s.

Sean Clare returned to Australia along with

the Deans family, Jaya and Kira. Amelia

Smith, Faith Jolleys, Jenna and Alice Tilley,

Annabelle Calder, Lenny O’Neill, Jessamine

and Joshua Hammond, Hugh and Toby

Walker, Eliza Portman, Kinshuk Sood,

Tabitha Wiltshire and Benedict Powell-Turner

have all moved to new schools.


BLUE & GREY 2016

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