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NSEA Championship Plate Competition taking place in December

2016 at Keysoe in Bedfordshire. The team included Lily Powell on

Danny, Faith Jolleys on Tulip, Serena O’Brien on Paddy and Tara

Lockhart on Tyger. Serena went on to have a great clear round in the

90cm and was placed 3rd individually. Daisy Amin (Eventing) also

figures prominently in the riding world.

Sport Honours were awarded to Rose Dillon, Flora Fletcher, Immy

Mason, Emily Stephens, Henry Scrimshaw-Wright, Sebbie Kimber,

Will Taylor, Emily Conner, Phoebe Nettleton and Lily Laughton.

Colours were awarded to Josh Basham, Henry Pritchard, Billy

Tulloch, Gregor Hawkes, Will Taylor, Henry Fitzpatrick, Gus

Whitehead, Imogen Koe, Madeleine Banfield, Olivia Lawson, Olivia

Redman, Will Pembroke, Kitty Graham, Max Fraser, Charlie

Robinson, Peyton Lloyd, Alex Taylor, Max Moseley, Kieran Goldston,

William Mann, Meredith Powell-Turner, Daisy Amin, Max Owen and

Emma Sharp.

A huge thank you to James Siebert, our Director of Sport, and all his

games staff, many of whom give up precious Sundays on both ‘in’

and ‘out’ weekends to develop the children’s sporting prowess.

Music has had another outstanding year with a super haul of

awards. Particular highlights included:

The Harvest Festival services, Chapel Choir in our Saturday

services, the Pre-Prep Christmas Concert, the Prep School carol

service in Marlborough College Chapel, the House Music

Competition, two wonderful Senior Concerts and a lovely one from

Lower School, the Year 4 Open Mic session, the bands at the

Farewell party after the FoP Afternoon and the stunning end of

year concert.

Honours were awarded to those on the scholarship roll, as well as

Charlotte Hannon and also to Alfred Beadman for attaining National

Youth Choir status. Colours were awarded to Phoebe Nettleton,

Kasper Mason-Phelps, Gregor Hawkes, Emily Stephens, Harry

Fuller, Josh Tate, Jessica Stephens and Geena Capps. To Niki and

her team we say a huge thank you for all your hard work and for the

pleasure your musicians have given us over the course of the year.

Drama has had another successful year and a well-established

pattern of regular productions entertains us throughout the year.

Year 8 produced a super ‘Palm Court’ evening just before the

October Half-Term, the Nativity play followed a few weeks later and

then a wonderful ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ from Year 7 talent. The

Spring Term saw a rip-roaring ‘What a Knight’ from Middle School,

and a new arrival ‘The Three Musketeers’ from Year 5 – a production

that will become a yearly 2-day workshop event. This term we have

seen a super Pre-Prep production of ‘The Goblin Next Door’ and an

entertaining and colourful Year 4 ‘The Jungle Book’. The Year 8 revue

‘Curtain Call’ was a timely reminder to staff not to take themselves

too seriously. Next year Curtain Call and PalmCourt will be combined

for a summer production, given the new timings for Half-Term and

the subsequent Leavers’ trip.

It has been a very successful first year for our LAMDA children with

superb results both in the Autumn and Summer Terms. The initiative

will continue and expand over the coming years – a huge thank you

to Laura Macdonald Smith for spearheading the course.

Thank you to Nick Cooper (lights, sound, staging and props), Paul

Minter (backdrops and costumes) and Emma Harrison (wardrobe

manager). Well done to Ed Hartley, Max Owen and Alex Taylor on

their awards and for gaining Pinewood Honours alongside Nora

Majlund Westh, Lara Capps, Eliza Birch, Ollie Samuel, George Orr-

Ewing, Alicia Neilson, Amelia Stevens, Alice Vyvyan-Robinson and

Serena O’Brien. Colours were awarded to Luca Malikov, Tom Cole,

Lara Scudamore, Bo Jenkins, Max Blackburn, Lily Powell and Elliot

Donnellan-Pasos. A huge thank you to the Pre-Prep team led by

Vanessa Buckley, to the Prep team led by Will Welch and Rachel

Wright, to Laura Smyth, and to the Year 4 Form Tutors.

Art remains a vibrant and buzzy department with two awards this

year – well done Olivia Lawson and Emily Conner. Both were

awarded Pinewood Honours. In addition Art colours were awarded

to Cosmo del Mar, Meredith Powell-Turner, Dorothy Johnstone,

Alexander Ross and Charlotte Hannon. Thank you to Paul Minter,

Emma Harrison, Nick Cooper and Jo Causer.

While still on the Creative Arts many congratulations to Darci Reeve

on the award of her colours for Dance.

All-Rounder Honours awards went to Max Moseley, Immy Mason,

Emily Stephens and Emma Sharp.

Extra-curricular activity continues to thrive alongside our co-

curricular courses. Our Saturday Kaleidoscope programme

continues to enthral the children as well as our trips away, visiting

workshops, speakers and Saturday preachers. Our Enrichment

programme adds enormously to life here at Pinewood and thank

you to Sally Matthews who runs the Gold programme.

BLUE & GREY 2016

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