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Welcome to the 2015-2016 edition of the Blue and Grey.

Another happy year, although sadly my last, at Pinewood encapsulated into just over 100

pages – it really is an unenviable task editing out all the possible articles we could include.

When all areas of the school are so busy and every achievement is rightly celebrated it is

little wonder.

Sometimes the unsung heroes get less ‘air-time’ and as a tribute to their importance here

at Pinewood, I would like to acknowledge the Gaps, who are tireless in their work and

visible in all areas of the school. Credit to them that in only each short year they are here,

they make their indelible and positive mark – from Recycling to Face-Painting, we salute

you. My thanks as ever also to Miranda Acheson-Gray, who is the reason this magazine is

so colourful and the events so well photographically represented, for her support and hard

work, to the staff who make life here at Pinewood such a pleasure to be a part of and to you

as pupils, parents and Old Pinewoodians who play your part with great gusto.

Arabella Parr

– Editor

Marketing and Development Officer