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Elisabeth Heron-Watson

Pinewood became co-ed in the 1970s and with the influx of girls,

Henry Boddington decided to employ a peripatetic ballet teacher.

He was lucky enough to be put in touch with a wonderful local

lady, Mrs Elisabeth Heron-Watson, the wife of a serving Merchant

Navy Officer. Liz had always taught ballet, though she had had a

short break whilst she brought up her own family. Initially all the

girls did ballet as an activity but then, as the number of girls at

Pinewood increased, it was taught as an ‘extra’ and parents

signed their children up to learn ballet. I am delighted to say it was

not only girls who attended her classes. In the 1990s, with the start

of the Pre-Prep, ballet became a timetabled lesson so Liz’s role at

Pinewood developed. Liz has always developed the talent each

child has hidden within him/her; for many years the children have

completed a grading system and, in alternate years, Liz has

choreographed and directed – also made many of the costumes

for – a wonderful ballet show, involving some of the youngest

children through to the oldest. We wish Liz well in her retirement

and hope that we will see her at future Pinewood ballet shows.


Nicola Harmer

When I joined Pinewood as Head of

Pre-Prep in September 2006 Nicola

was already an important member of

the Pre-Prep and Early Years Teaching

Assistant team. Nicola’s versatility

allowed her to work across all year

groups and she did so with

enthusiasm and a smile. Her caring nature ensured that, whether

3 or 7 years old, if you had a grazed knee or had bumped your

arm you would be cared for in a gentle and reassuring way. In the

classroom, Nicola was always organised, happily working with

individual children or small groups and ensuring the teacher

always knew the progress the children were making. She had a

flair for art and craft activities and was never far away from glitter!

Her enthusiasm and laughter is very much missed.


Sam Mackwell

SamMackwell was our IT Network

Manager at Pinewood for 3 years

and during this time he

transformed our network and IT

provision in support of both

teaching and administration.

Some of his main successes

included establishing a new

network set up with effective

backups, spam filters and

firewalls and he also introduced remote access for staff so

that they can now work on the school’s IT systems from

locations away from the school. His final major change

project wassuccessfully replacingour outdatedadministration

database system with the highly capable iSAMs system,

which is now utilised across all departments in the school.

Aside from his IT Network Manager duties he also threw his

enthusiasm to things outside of his remit including teaching

the Year 3 pupils on the Learnpads in their creative curriculum

sessions and presenting on social media to the Year 8s

before they moved on to their senior schools. Sam has

moved on promotion and we wish him all the best in his

new appointment.


Chantelle Mussard

Chantelle joined Pinewood in

January 2014, taking over the

running of the School Shop.

With previous retail experience

she quickly got to grips with

rationalising the shop offering

and helping with the move to

a new outfitters. Chantelle’s

warmth and interest in the school as a whole meant that

despite being situated up on Top Field she quickly became

well known by staff, parents and children alike. Her

enthusiasm, as well as her willingness to help in all areas of

the school, means that she is much missed by us all.


Janey Nelson

Janey joined the office staff in

1994, having been interviewed

over the phone by Henry

Boddington. She had previously

been introduced to Pinewood by

her then boyfriend, Maurice, an

Old Pinewoodian, who had

brought her swimming here in

1969. Subsequently, Janey and

Maurice married and eventually

their eldest son, Alex, started as a

full boarder at the age of 7.

The Spring of 1994 was Janey’s first term, but it also saw

Henry off on a sabbatical, so the running of the school was

left to the Deputy Head, Patrick Mackie and, by all accounts,

Janey. Janey notes “It was the blind leading the blind, but we

did have fun”. When it came to the end of term billing, which

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